Founded by artists for artists in 1921, UKS (Unge Kunstneres Samfund / The Young Artists’ Society) is an institution for international contemporary art and a Norwegian, political membership organization situated in Oslo’s city center.

St. Olavs gate 3, 0165 Oslo

Opening hours:
Wergelandsveiened – Sun, 12 – 5pm
Free admission

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Communications Officer & Exhibition Coordinator
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UKS is a non-profit organization.
The Norwegian Arts Council is UKS’ principal funder.


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Friday 27 October
Opening at UKS, 7 – 8.30pm & Performance at Kunstnernes Hus, 9pm
Saturday 28 October
Performances at Kunstnernes Hus, matinée 3pm, soirée 7.30pm
Sunday 29 October
Talk at Kunstnernes Hus, Dieter Roelstraete on Georgia Gardner Gray, 2pm


28 October – 26 November 2017


UKS, St. Olavs gate 3, Oslo
Kunstnernes Hus, Wergelandsveien 17, Oslo

Commencing in autumn 2017, a series of UKS solo exhibitions each employ both UKS’ grounds and a part of the neighboring venue, Kunstnernes Hus, enabling the simultaneous exploration of different corners of the artistic production in question, from the main streams to the fissures and crevices. First in this series of double exposés is the American, Berlin-based painter, sculptor, and occasional playwright Georgia Gardner Gray (b.1988).

In her dual exhibition, CONCORDE, Gray transforms the ground floor of Kunstnernes Hus into a black box display for an approximately life-size model of the iconic sculptural bodywork of the turbojet, Concorde. UKS’ brightly lit premises, on the other hand, offer a contrasting context for a new series of paintings and a larger installation of silver-wrapped furniture and Plexiglas vitrines carrying collectibles.

CONCORDE performers: Bradley Kronz, Eirik Sæther, Esra Padgett, Jeffrey Joyal, Joseph Geagan, Mia von Matt, Mo Dafa, Steven Warwick, Susie Yugler.

This exhibition is supported by the Goethe-Institut as well as Gallery Croy Nielsen. Dieter Roelstraete’s talk is part of the lecture series Artists Matter, supported by Fritt Ord.



Wednesday 15 November, 7pm


16 November 2017 – 14 January 2018


UKS, St. Olavs gate 3, Oslo

Traveling from Berlin, UKS proudly presents a distilled part of the exhibition New Picture—The Work of Bea Feitler, first presented at the non-profit exhibition space Between Bridges earlier this autumn. Curated by Marte Eknæs and Nicolau Vergueiro, the itinerant show is the first ever display solely dedicated to late Brazilian designer and art director Bea Feitler (1938–1982). It features original magazines, books, reproductions and personal photographs documenting her meteoric career, from the late 1950s until her death in 1982. Best known for her graphic design work in magazines including Harper’s Bazaar, Ms., Rolling Stone, and the modern Vanity Fair, she left an indelible mark upon the face of American graphic design by offering a new approach to the magazine experience.

Feitler’s expressive freedom, evidenced by shifting standards to a female gaze, allowed her to renegotiate the commercial representation of women and to use the magazine as a mass vehicle to address social issues through her vibrant aesthetic. The exhibition follows some of Feitler’s recurrent themes, including the human silhouette, the centerfold as compositional device, and collaging, through which she reimagined the relationship between the body and graphic design in both layout and sensorial terms. “A magazine should flow. It should have rhythm. You can’t look at one page alone—you have to visualize what comes before and after.”

New Picture—The Work of Bea Feitler curated by Marte Eknæs and Nicolau Vergueiro is traveling from Between Bridges in Berlin, an exhibition space run by Wolfgang Tillmans. The exhibition in Berlin was organised by Eugen Ivan Bergmann.

The exhibition has been made possible by the generous help of Bruno Feitler. Additional material is provided by The New School Archives and Special Collections, New York.

The exhibition is supported by the German Embassy in Oslo.

#4 MINIBAR presents One Night Only


Monday 20 November, 20:00 - Midnight


UKS, St. Olavs gate 3, 0165 Oslo

Erlend Grytbakk Wold
Solveig Lønseth
Siri Leira
Emilie Birkeland
Silje Johannessen
Eirik Senje
Helena Lund Ek
Michael O’Donnell
Daisuke Kosugi (feat. George Rippon)
Andreas Öhman

DJ - Eirik Zeiner

UKS’ MINIBAR stands on the shoulders of a long list of artists’ initiatives merging the social and the expositional, the bibulous and the discursive, one of the local, main sources of inspiration being One Night Only Gallery (ONO), which mounted an exhibition (almost) every Monday evening from 2008 to 2015, in part at UKS’ previous premises in Lakkegata.

In celebration of the now defunct ONO and the launch of their retrospective book, co-published by UKS, it is thrilling to welcome back the legendary function. For one night only UKS’ MINIBAR will transform itself into One Night Only, reviving its format serving up a group exhibition, drinks, and free soup.



Friday 8 December, 7pm


9 December 2017 – 14 January 2018


UKS, St. Olavs gate 3, Oslo
Kunstnernes Hus, Wergelandsveien 17, Oslo

Second in UKS’ series of two-fold solo shows is Constance Tenvik (b.1990, NO, based in Berlin and Oslo). Draughtsman, masquerader, and filmmaker, Tenvik’s project Soft Armor focuses on a disastrous attempt at restaging a medieval joust in a Scottish castle in 1839, exploring the idle potential of show(wo)manship and dumb folklore in a hilarious, timely pointer to conservative regress. Kunstnernes Hus hosts a Gesamtkunstwerk of sculpted school gym vaulting horses flanked by video performances, while at UKS the artist presents her abundant graphic novel annotations, mind maps, and ephemera.